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Private Consulting

I consult to committed men and women across the spectrum of vocation and industry. I have worked with actors, financiers, lawyers, landowners, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and teachers.

My work is for the courageous. In the safety of a trusting container, love and understanding lead us straight to the truth, and the heart, of the matter.

I facilitate insights into an understanding of the Power of Thought, which innocently creates feelings and your experience of life moment to moment. See through any misunderstanding that your life experience is coming from any external source.

Your experience of life is created from the inside out via Thought. Always true. No exception.

When you see this, you are free.

Insightfully see for yourself why loneliness, anxiety and depression are so prevalent and in the way of the truth. Learn to feel safe enough to begin honestly expressing who you really are. I coach people to see that it’s safe to come out of hiding, realising the power of vulnerability to reveal a deeper connection to truth, yourself, your partners and your children. It’s your life. Live it on your own terms.

“Remember who you came here to be” - £11,111

3 months dedicated consulting, tailored to the creation of your wholly authentic life as a valued human being

(full access throughout the agreement)

“Meet yourself again” - £4,444

1 month’s consulting to reveal who you are not to discover who you are

(full access throughout the agreement)


“I have been working with Esmond for the last six weeks. Words cannot express my gratitude. The sessions with Esmond are beyond the word. They are a beautiful dance of working with the limitations of the mind, unraveling subconscious blocks and merging them with an energetic imprint of Esmond’s own embodied work. It is really indescribable, although the changes and the results in my life speak for themselves. Let’s just say my self sabotage game has been strong, so much stronger then I believed I could shift through. With Esmond’s support I have made profound shifts in my life. None of which I thought possible. I am beginning to live, and more importantly than live I am beginning to live in God flow. I actually feel excited and hopeful about life. I understand the power of my beliefs and how they have been shaping my reality. I have always KNOWN this, but in all I have done it has not enabled me to shift through the KNOWING into the part where I take action and embody my higher purpose and self. I believe it is the fact that Esmond is integrating and embodying everything he shares that it is so powerful. Authenticity in action. I have shifted so greatly in the last six weeks, the people in my life notice. The people closest to me notice. I feel like I have been gifted with a beacon of inner safety and security. Thank you Esmond for WHO you are BEING and all you are doing.”
SJ Lemmon – Author
You were born to do this. The conversation struck me, deeply, and it has always stayed with me on a very conscious level. I don’t even clearly remember the topic of the conversation now, it doesn’t change the fact that the emotions involved were real. It wasn’t the substance of the conversation that is important – it was the way that you listened to me, wholly and completely. I can’t think of anyone ‘listening’ to me that way before or since honestly – not waiting for their turn to talk, not hearing words so that they could be properly contextualized to understand a point – but just listening, entirely – and in response, for a brief moment at least, I found myself being truly honest, both out loud and to myself. It is perhaps sad to admit, but I can only think of a few moments in my life that involved that level of pure self-honesty. The point is, you have an innate ability to help others draw out their truth.
Austin Wilson – Partner, Madison West