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Live a Life that YOU LOVE


“ Working with Esmond is truly life changing. He’s fearless, honest and ready to confront whatever needs to be done.”

– Andrew Stead, Tedx Speaker, Coach & Ex-Goldman Sachs

The Privileged Man

The Privileged Man is a movement of change supporting men to remember empathy, love and understanding to heal the wounds from the past, and lead wholly authentic lives

The Growth

We connect through our similarities, our struggles, our strength and our hope, and we GROW STRONGER TOGETHER

Courage & Vulnerability are the keys to your Freedom

“ So, my experience with The Privileged Man has been nothing short of King-making and remarkable. And any man who is listening to this, reading this, or seeing this, congratulations for creating the situation in your life that has allowed you to find this. Carry on, you're heading at last in the right direction. ”

– Matt Ross, Entrepreneur

Individual Consulting

I work with committed men and women across the spectrum of vocation and industry.

My work is for the courageous. In the safety of a trusting container, love and understanding lead us straight to the truth, and the heart, of the matter.

“Stumbling across Esmond when I was in the depths of some very challenging personal issues was a “God-send”. He helped me move from a place of denial and self betrayal to a place of courage and greater clarity than I have ever had before."

– Nick, Chief Development Officer

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