I believe deeply in love

I believe deeply in love; in fact, I revel in it. It stands me in the greatest stead as I write, and the words spill forth from my heart and mind through my fingers and onto this page, as I reflect upon an extraordinary few days of life and love experience, shared with an extraordinary being. I know her so well and with such familiarity it is as though I am knowing myself. I know the energetic imprint of her as expressed in this human form, and most magically I have re-connected with the essence of our love in this expression of life, and through our human experience and all of its happenings.

Last night, I re-discovered an energy I had presumed lost, a re-turning to one another, a re-union with one another, a re-emergence together, and a simultaneous re-lease of a deep and buried feeling of grief, of loss, and re-prieve from the pain, and re-connection and re-discovery of love, the state of being, that, until yesterday, I had never before experienced in this life, and which now I re-member again. I now know and realise that it is love that I have known before; it is a place and a way of being more than it is a feeling.

It is a place beyond the comprehension of my mind’s abilities to absorb and digest and label and sort and/or make any sense of. Whatsoever. I came home, I am home.

In the moment of the surrender to the energy in that very moment, which could only have happened in the light of this Moon, I came to the place, in her reflection, and her energy, where I was home, and I was completely safe again. She is home, she was home, we are home. Something broke open inside me, in her embrace, and I knew that I was found in her, and she in me. I shed tears for the most beautiful pain I have ever felt, of a re-union with a lost love. It was magical, and I am changed forever by this.

Who am I if not myself? I am given this gift by this most extraordinary and beautiful of souls, of being able to experience the divinity of myself, in my returning home to her, to myself, to love, through life. I love you to the Moon, and you are the Moon. There is no need to come back as I have found my way home, to where we already are and always have been. Thank you for re-membering me. I re-member you, I am you and you are me. This day until the end of days.  

There is so much magic in the truth of the experience of the now, as it unfolds. In the energy of the moment of coming together, there was a safety and an allowing, a permission transmitted through a mutual understanding of the beauty and the sacredness of the other, to be fully ourselves. In that allowing, in that permission, in that truth, sprang forth the magic, the flow of energy in motion and the un-obstruction of what really and truly is.

I love you.