“The cave you most fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
— Joseph Campbell


I offer mentoring and coaching to individuals who are ready for the next level of creation in their lives. We will clarify exactly the new experiences you are seeking for your life, and design the right program to co-create this new reality. This work is designed for those men, and women, that know there is more to life, and are ready to step into a new paradigm of being. You know who you are.

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We explore the profound discovery and realization of the power of beliefs in the creation of subjective experiences of reality. We also explore some interesting questions surrounding self-deception and whether we are really, truly telling the truth to ourselves. Then discover how our willingness to be vulnerable and truly show ourselves, can transform our lives.

Created with Dorota Stanczyk.

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Transformational Relating Training (TRT) deepens our understanding and experience of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life, and the healing power of love.

NYOUDE delivers retreats, workshops and trainings for couples and individuals all around the world to usher in a new reality paradigm for the way in which we experience and relate to ourselves, and to our others. Learn more here

NYOUDE was co-founded by Esmond Baring and Dorota Stanczyk.


I give inspirational talks on the power of vulnerability to transform our lives and liberate our energy, reframing our relationship with fear, and conscious relating.

In order to experience anything new in our lives, we have to be prepared to step outside of that which we think we know life to be, and into the unknown. Transformation implies a changing of form, a new paradigm of existence. Are you ready to evolve?


I am passionate about, and committed to supporting people to discover their own truths.


Does wearing a mask serve as a defence mechanism, or as a pretense mechanism? Who is served when we pretend to be anything other than we are in any moment, emotionally or otherwise?

When we liberate ourselves and all the energy involved in maintaining the charade of our lives, we can create that which we truly desire.

If you are stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, let’s get you out. If you are ready to create anew in your life, let’s dissolve any blocks or limitations to your creativity, rediscover your passion for, and direction in life, and your ability to move forward in any area. Let’s work on getting you out of your own way. 


We can have it all, if only we allow ourselves to.


I especially work with men that are ready to step into a fuller and deeper felt expression of themselves and their emotional universes. No man need suffer in silence. As we embrace our vulnerability and show our willingness, and courage to explore those aspects of ourselves that we or our society depict as weak, we discover how to show up in the world, for ourselves, our women, our families and our communities, fully aligned and with integrity. 

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Esmond Baring has long been fascinated by the workings of his consciousness and has dedicated himself to the discovery of the truth of who he is, and who he is not. He is trained as an Avatar Master, delivering a course to bring individuals to a felt and known experience that beliefs are creating all subjective reality, and he is creating a new form of coaching to assist individuals to awaken to the existing operant paradigm of human experience, as framed by word and language, to that of the felt experience of our energetic origins. We are that which we speak ourselves into being.

Esmond is a writer, speaker and the creator of Paradigmensional Training coaching methodology.  He is committed to the awakening of humanity and the evolution of consciousness, and supporting individuals to experience all that they are.

Esmond is English by birth, and was formally educated at Eton College in the UK, followed by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA. He has worked on Wall Street and in the City of London for UBS Investment Bank, moved to and lived in Vietnam to set-up a securities business, and has now spent the past 8 years in Indonesia, initially to raise capital for a private equity firm after which he founded a hospitality furniture sourcing business.


“In is the only way out.” — Sadghuru

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Five day Immersive Transformational Training for couples & individuals.

TRT demonstrates how we can deepen our understanding of how our minds, energy & consciousness are creating all of the experiences in our lives, and by applying specific tools and methodologies to the way we think, speak, and feel we can change any area of our lives, and how we relate to our self, to our other, and to love.

September, 2019